How to Take Care of Plants in Summer

It’s one of the most common questions we get from our customers – How to take care of plants in the summer? Needless to say, the extreme heat of Dubai summers make it very difficult for plants to survive. Both indoor and outdoor plants require special care and attention that will help keep your plants healthy through out the summer months.

Here are top tips from our Plant Care Experts at our Al Warsan plant nursery.

How to Care for Outdoor Plants in the Summer?

Online Plant ShopEnsuring that the soil does not get dry is very important. In addition to watering regularly, outdoor plants should be misted. The combination of regular watering and misting will ensure that retains its greenery.

There are several plants that survive the Dubai summer such as cacti, foxtail grass, plumeria, etc and we will publish a blog article about this in the coming days. Tropical plants on the other hand need to be moved into shaded areas as they cannot withstand the heat regardless of your watering schedule and fertilizing.

It is best not to repot plants or start fertilizing during severe weather as the plants may not fair well with sudden changes. It is best to wait for a change of season to do this.


How to Care for Indoor Plants in the Summer?

snake plant dubaiIndoor plants should always be kept away from any direct sunlight through windows and also away from direct cold air conditioning draft. Indoor plants do best in conditions with plentiful indirect light. Place your plants in rooms that are bright and have air (but not direct air from an AC). There are a few exceptions to this: plants such as the spider plant that can survive in dark areas like a bathroom whereas rose plants need full sunlight if you are keeping it indoors. So it is important to look further into individual plant requirements. All the plants in our deal of the day sections have all the information on plant care.

The air in your home or office can be very dry in the summer months due to the constant flow of air conditioning. So it is important to ensure your soil is moist, but not soggy. Over watering will cause your indoor plants to wilt or can cause the roots to die. Usually a watering frequency of 2 to 3 days is more than sufficient for most indoor plants.

Always look out for signs of over watering or under watering by observing your plants’ leaves. Discoloration or wilting is the first sign of watering or the health of the soil. You will need to adjust your watering schedule and fertilizer to keep your plant healthy throughout summer.

Visit our indoor plants section to see a full range of what is available and contact us to know about how to care for your plant. You can also visit our plant nursery in Al Warsan and speak to our experts on the best summer plants for your home in UAE. You can find our location here.


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