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Kari Patta

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Height: 80 cm

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Plant Care

Never overwater your curry leaf plant as that kills them really fast. In the summer, water the plant every 2-3 days and keep tabs on small mites. In the fall season, watering is needed only on weekly basis.


Curry Leaf plant also responds positively to homemade fertilizers like Buttermilk, Rice water, Asafoetida, and eggshells, which can be applied weekly. Curry Leaf Plant growing in-ground doesn't require a lot of fertilizers. It gets most of the nutrients and minerals from the soil.


Curry Leaf plant loves full sun. Once the plant is outside for a few days, move the plant in an area where it can get at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight. If the temperature is predicted to drop below 35F, protect the plant with a Plant protector, or completely cover the plant and the pot with Floating row cover.


For best results, grow in full sun and keep temperatures above 40°F. If grown in warm conditions with high light intensity, Curry Leaf will experience less of a winter resting period. During the winter resting period, do not keep the plant too wet, especially if the leaves have dropped


How to transplant a Curry Leaf Plant: Step 1: Fill the container halfway with potting soil. Step 2: Take out the Curry leaf plant from the current container. ... Step 3: Fill the container with the rest of the potting mix and compost mixture up to 1.5” to 2” inch below the edge of the container.

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