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Hoya Single Heart

25.00 AED

Height: 15 cm

Hoya Single Heart is a fantastic add-on in your houseplant series.  Their green color and heart shape make it attractive. This single leaf from the Hoya Kerri can work perfectly as a Valentine gift for a special someone. The plant is easy to care for and grow.

Like other succulents, it can adapt to various weather conditions. It is an appealing and adorable plant that every enthusiast will love to keep in their house.

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Plant Care

Being a member of a succulent family, Hoya Single Heart stores water for an extended duration. It can go for a long period before requiring re-watering. Before watering, wait for the soil to dry up. Also, avoid saturating the soil as it can lead to rotting. You should ensure the pot has some drainage holes.


Hoya Single Heart does not require a lot of feeding. However, you need to fertilize it during the growing period, especially if they are small. Feeding them twice a year is a perfect idea.


This plant thrives well in a well-lit room. It enjoys direct sunlight as long as it is not so hot. So, ensure you position it in a place it can receive adequate light.


The optimal temperature range for this plant is 18°C - 27°C.


Hoya Single Heart does not require regular repotting unless it overgrows the current pot.

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