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Golden Pothos

25.00 AED

Height: 15 cm


Golden Pothos is an attractive houseplant originating from Solomon Island. It has amazing heart-like and pointed green leaves piebald with pale green, white, or yellow patterns. The plants are fast-growing and can increase in size by up to 18 inches per month.

Photos require simple caring. Good to note is that this plant is a suitable air cleaner and has other health benefits. As such, it is worth having for each household.

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Plant Care

Water after every 1 or 2 weeks. Ensure the soil is dry between the watering durations. Do not overwater pothos as it will lead to root rot and black spot formation on the leaves.


Feeding pothos is easy. You only need to feed them monthly or twice a month with a balanced fertilizer. They can do well without it if your soil has the right nutrients.


Pothos love bright indirect light. Though they can thrive in dark spaces, they will lose their amazing leave patterns. Ensure you provide them with enough light but avoid direct sunlight.


Pothos like a humid environment but you do not need a humidifier. They thrive well in a temperature range between 18˚C and 24˚C. The minimum temperature for them is 10˚C.


Repot your pothos when their roots fill the current pot. During the process, get a pot that is two times or at least one larger than the current one.

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