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Our Story

The company has extended its services in Plants nursery industry from October 2010. We are providing indoor plants, office plants, outdoor plants sales, maintenance and information about the care and use of plants, trees and flowers.

The SRG nursery business involves the production and marketing of ornamental trees and shrubs, fruit trees and perennial flowers grown in above ground containers.

Who We Are ?

We are the leading growers and suppliers of all types of horticultural plants.  With a team of highly qualified and experiences architects and horticulturist, we provide plantation solutions that cater to the specification of residential and commercial projects of all scales.

The original aim was to propagate, grow and supply local and inland retail nurseries with plants to suit our conditions. We grow many frost and drought tolerant plants and have also introduced many new species to the area.

SRG Nurseries has strived to produce a wide ranging variety of high quality plants and to serve our customers with prompt delivery. With these goals in mind, the nursery has continued to grow to where the current year will produce approximately 400,000 plants.

SRG Nurseries can be part of a diversification strategy to make a farm more profitable or a nursery can be a sole enterprise. In either case, it is important to start small and expand later. Sustainable nursery practices aim to reduce levels of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, use integrated pest management systems to deal with insects, diseases and weeds and focus on building the soil to promote plant health. This document discusses sustainable nursery production in general before moving to sustainable container and field production techniques.