How do you care for Office Plants in Dubai?

Office plants never expect deep care and considerations! They always survive negligence to an extend- Hence the plants that need only a little care are always welcomed as office plants as well. A Good office plant is not only expected for cleaning the air of pollutants or aesthetic appeals in offices but also to enhance productivity from employees. A well-chosen office plant can definitely make life at work more active and make them healthier such as, they could contribute well to the organization.

Modern workplaces are yes to office plants! Requirements for office plants Dubai is growing over the past years- Office plants induce creativity and productivity. Plants usually require immense care for survival, but maintenance and caring of office plants are one of the most seeking queries as well. This article is to disclose a few caring tips for office plants Dubai.

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Understanding the plants in your office is the prime tip for caring for them. The needs and wants of each plant are unique. Desk and corner office plants Dubai, also requires water, sunlight, fertilizer, and all other plant requirements expected to have healthy plant growth and survival. Read out the below-mentioned care tips for your office plants Dubai-Planting

Plant care starts from the planting process. Before you plant one in the office, make sure that sufficient size of the pot is ensured and arrange for fertile soil in the pot. Before removing the plant from the nursery pot, water them and carefully unplug them along with the root and surrounding soil. Check for the lumps of soil on roots, give them little aeration and a chance to extend to the new soil. Finally water them sufficiently, ensuring that the drained water is not resting in a saucer of a plant pot.  Now the plant is all set to take its position in your office.


The light requirement for plants varies from one species to another. Some species might require bright light whereas some do not at all require any light.  If the plants in your office need bright light, put it near the windows, or if no window in the case, set a fluorescent light near the plant such that it gets sufficient light. There are many species of plants that grow well in indirect sunlight as well. These plants can survive and stay healthy if they are kept in any nook or corner, where they won’t get direct sunlight.

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Water is vital for the survival of any plant. But the amount and duration to get watered vary from one plant to other. Understanding the water requisites of each plant is very important before you start watering them. The frequency and quantity of water have to be determined in consideration of the plant species, atmospheric temperature, etc. Overwatering always kills the plants. Tips for right watering include removing the saucer before you water, such that drained water will not remain in them to later allow the plant to absorb excess water. This can be done well by taking office plants to a sink. The water taken for plants has to be neutral in temperature as well.

No time to take care of your plants? – Get in touch with us for all that you are looking for in your office plants Dubai.Fertilization

Fertilizers are nutritious food for plants. Let it be a desk or office plant, giving them suitable fertilizers will ensure the greenery and fulfill the expectations from office plants. Using soluble and insoluble fertilizers with a neutral smell and odor will help office plants to survive well. Adding fertilizer also needs to know about plant type and history. As over fertilizing may kill the plants, immense care is required from choosing to the application of fertilizer over the plant.


Standard office plants do not require a lot of pruning. However, some desk and corner plants may seek for same. Pruning refers to cutting the plants or grooming the plants to a better position and the exact way of doing this requires practice as well. Though a majority of office plants don’t require pruning, still some varieties with more growth require time pruning.

For more details, you are welcome to consult with our plant experts for your office plants Dubai.Additional care

Apart from watering, lighting, and fertilizing- there are many things to be considered for having a healthy office plant community for your office. Choosing the place for a plant is very important among them. A place where air conditioners, heater vents, or well-ventilated windows are there, do check for the kind of plant you are wishing to be kept. And of course, going for a vacation or long holidays as well to be considered for your plants, as they should never get missed with food or water!

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