7 Pro Tips for Buying Plants Online

Green is always fascinating- Making your home or office elegant with a gist of nature is never a strenuous task in the era, where everything reaches you in a click.

Most plant lovers are skeptical about purchasing plants with a direct nursery visit. However, with advanced shopping culture, e-traders prioritize the concern on the gap between physical and virtual experiencing the displayed product. Hence, e-commerce is aligned the same as a walk-in store experience for today’s customers. If you are a customer seeking to buy plants online, having virtual shopping will never disappoint you. Today many online plant stores are available in the market. This article throws light on all plant aspirants, for their attempts to buy plants online.

Read customer reviews

Reviews can be internal, or external. If you are inquiring about the credentials of the seller, better refer to external reviews, whereas in the case of seeking product experience, better to go for customer reviews. Reading through the experiences or feedback given by previous clients can help you to land on the decision to buy plants online. Relying on reviews will help customers to know more about customer experience who had been in the transaction with the seller for the same one you are looking for.

Customer support

As plants are very delicate, the customers might have numerous concerns while they make an online purchase. And also, a good seller is one who could always offer immaculate customer support. So when you choose to buy plants online, go for one who is appreciated and well known for customer support.

Display images may not be the same as the product

Whenever you are looking to buy plants online, never ever jump into buying decisions by falling for a displayed image of a plant. Being a customer, you should be looking into the disclaimers or declarations made by the seller on behalf of an image, such that a clear understanding of what has to be expected will get revealed.

Price/cost of plants

Buying plants online may sound expensive than from a nursery. Understanding the price of each plant before you place an order is must know-how on online plant purchasing. Most sellers may not accept order cancellation without a genuine reason. Cross-checking the disclaimers related to the price of each plant you are looking for will help land with the right purchasing decision.


This might be one of the greater concerns while you go to buy plants online. Plants may get boxed and shipped to the customer via various providers or even by the seller itself. Prior to purchase, it’s the customer’s responsibility to check on the lead time from the seller to reach you. If you could anticipate or count on more days, where the ordered plants may show negative pulses, requesting the seller or booking for a shipment service with minimal lead time would get the job done.

Return and Refund Policy

Anticipating the generosity of the seller to accept your post-purchase decisions like returning, exchanging, etc., may not work well with all sellers. It’s better to check on the refund and return policies of the seller prior to purchase, such that no grievances could be experienced with a business transaction.

Give your plants a time of orientation

The plants you have bought online have reached you from a different environment, where the temperature., humidity, and even climate may be different. Planting or repotting them immediately might cause severe damages, as they may find it difficult to attach to the new environment. So giving your plants time to get adjusted to the new environment will never lead you to complain about the seller, plant quality, or shipment procedures.

Know plants, before you buy them

While going to buy plants online, checking more details on planting requisites, nature of the plant, etc., will not leave you disappointed for adding a wrong plant that does not match your environment. Online plant sellers will have all details about each plant they have listed, and would definitely be ready to answer any query from the customer as well. Thus, know your plants well, before you make a purchase.

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